At North Shore Equestrian Centre we offer a full board barn. We take pride in the level of care we offer to every horse and the services we provide for all our boarders.

Monthly Board

The monthly board includes the following:


We include 4 feedings in our daily routine: the first feeding is at 6:30am, the second at 11am, the third at 4pm and the final feeding at 7pm.

All feeding include a local timothy mix hay (with the option of an alfalfa hay feeding for the first feed of the day) and the first and final feeding also include grain. We offer Otter Co-Op Equi-Cal grain. For those horses on only a minimum amount of grain we also include a scoop of Horse Pride Minerals to supplement daily vitamin/mineral needs at the final feed of the day.

Daily medications (ie - Bute, Isox, Equi-sol, ect.) are given at the request of the owner during the final feeding of the day.

Board also includes the option of one supplement to be given in the evening on a daily basis. Owners must provide the supplement and the evening feeder will include it with the horse's grain for the night. Each extra supplement is $10/month.

Turn Out:

All boarded horses enjoy full-day turnout 7 days/week. Horses are turned out after the 6:30am feeding and enjoy their lunch outside. Horses go out at 7am and come in at 3pm rain or shine unless otherwise requested.


All stalls include stall mats and wood pellet bedding. Stalls are cleaned daily after turnout is complete. All stall include a feed bucket and automatic waterer that is cleaned weekly.

On Site Care & 24 hr Emergency Services:

Our Horse Tech, Allanda, lives on site and is available Tuesdays thru Saturdays to tend to any of your horses needs that you are unable to attend to such as treating wounds, soaking abscesses, wrapping/bandaging, arranging vet & farrier visits and attending those visits if you are unable. She is available 24/7 for emergencies, should they arise.

Other Amenities Included w/ Board:

Other amenities included with board are:
-A locker in one of our heated locker rooms for tack, ect.
-Trailer parking on property
-Use of 2 wash racks that include hot and cold running water
-Use of our upstairs heated lounge which includes a fridge, microwave and sink as well as a big screen TV and seating area for reading and relaxing
-Use of our indoor ring, outdoor covered ring and outdoor uncovered ring as well as our lunge pen
-Blanketing for rainy days
-Access to many of the North Shores beautiful shared trails

Extra Services Available for an Hourly Fee:
-Mane pulling
-Body clipping
-And more, please feel free to ask for details


As a lesson based barn, we require all our boarders to take lessons with a NSEC coach of their choosing. Please see our About page for more information on instructors.