Thursday, 16 November 2017

Thank You from Denise & Peter Kinvig!

Peter and I had a wonderful time at our Retirement Party and we want to express a HEARTFELT Thank You (!) to everyone who was able to come or contribute in some way to the event!   
It was so gratifying to hear people talk about so many memorable times at NSEC, and how important the stables have been, and are to so many.  

It took a few days before Peter and I were able to sit down with family (and a glass of wine of course) to share the opening of the many gifts and cards that were given to us. There were individual gifts but I know that so many people contributed to the TWO very large baskets of gifts that we were able to enjoy discovering that night.  

So Thank You! As we opened our cards, we found that so many people had written us the most beautiful letters of appreciation, so heartfelt that Peter and I had tears in our eyes. It was (and will be forever) quite amazing and so gratifying to know how much people have enjoyed and care about NSEC.  NSEC is as much or More about community, than business. You people are our village of NSEC.  We also won’t forget the other wonderful people who have been and gone over the years, or how they have shaped NSEC  - and how NSEC has shaped them. 

Peter and I are very appreciative of your support, loyalty and love. May your enjoyment in the next phase of NSEC  be better than ever!

Thank you again!

Denise and Peter