Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Hello from Denise and Peter Kinvig!

We are very excited to announce that after over 30 years of managing and maintaining NSEC on a daily basis that we are stepping back and retiring!  Well at least semi- retiring.  We are moving to Vancouver Island and will start to set up our new home in the latter half of November.  We will be keeping our NSEC home as well and plan to visit about every 5 weeks for up to a week at a time.

For the first few months we will be going back and forth to the island quite frequently.  Laura will be taking over my position, and will be looking after all day to day managing of NSEC.  I will continue in the role of Director of Finances.  Laura, Allanda and Brae are expert in their roles of keeping NSEC running smoothly.   Laura, with a new baby will be spending more time at home until she returns to teaching; even so she will be close at hand. 

NSEC has been, and will continue to be a very big player in our lives.  That being said, Peter and I are really looking forward to this next new chapter! 


  1. Congrats Denise and Peter! Enjoy your next chapter!

  2. Marion Kirk.....the memories that I have of NSEC are vast and joyous. I still go up now and again with carrots and apples just to breath in the atmosphere. You and Peter were so much a part of my life for many years so enjoy your next chapter and I thank you for the memories