Friday, 29 September 2017

Lower Arena and Fall Clean Up

Lower Arena
The lower arena will be getting a make over next week!

Starting on Thursday, Oct 5th at 7am, the lower arena will be closed as we replace the old arena footing with new footing. The new footing should help make the arena more even and keep dust down during the lessons.

This may take the span of two days, we ask that everyone plan their riding accordingly.

On Thursday the indoor arena will be free during the daytime other than an early morning private and a couple Therapeutic lessons. From 2:30pm to 8:30pm the school horse lessons will be riding in the indoor arena and weather permitting, the owned horse lessons will be riding in the upper arena. If the weather doesn't feel like cooperating with us though, the school horse lessons and owned horse lessons will have to share the indoor.

On Friday Diana's lessons will be using the indoor arena from 7am to 2pm. The lower arena should be done by the time the school horse lessons start at 4:00pm, one set of which will be riding in the lower arena and one set will be riding in the indoor arena.

Free Blankets/Locker Clean Up

On another note we have gone through all the blankets in our storage area and have pulled down all the blankets that we no longer need. If you would like a FREE blanket, there is a pile outside the school horse tack room to pick from. Please make sure that you keep the pile clean and tidy looking though after you have gone through.

We will be cleaning above lockers soon. Please ensure that any property of your that you want to keep on top of your specific locker is in a VISIBLY labelled tupperware on top of your locker or it may be taken by mistake during our cleaning process.

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