Friday, 20 May 2016

NSEC Summer Camps

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During July & August NSEC takes a break from our regular lessons and offers week-long, half-day summer camps from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm.

Camps combine horsemanship, theory and riding time with an emphasis on safety and fun! Our minimum age is 7 yrs old to join (no exceptions) and students may wear leggings, boots with a proper heel (not a wedge) and may borrow one of our helmets for each lesson. Students cannot bring their own helmet unless it is an ASTM certified riding helmet.
Adults can come to camp, too! If you are interested in getting fit and having fun with horses, as well as learning more about the equestrian world, contact us for more information about adult camp options. We run adult sessions on selected weeks from 6pm-9pm during the summer.

If you must cancel a booked summer riding camp, we will make every attempt to re-book with another rider. If we are successful, you will receive a refund of $350. If we cannot find another rider to fill that space, an account will be opened and the cost will be credited towards lessons in our fall schedule.

Camp Levels:

Introductory - This is a camp for any student who has not had lessons previously, even if they have been on a horse before (including trails). Students are taught safety, grooming, working around the horse, leading and how to tack up and untack (saddling and bridling). Riding lessons include learning how to mount, correct positioning and controling the horse in a walk and trot. They learn to sit and post the trot and at the end of the week will perform a demonstration day for parents.

Advanced Beginner - This is for the student who has completed our Introductory camp or has had previous formal lessons, can tack up and has good control of their horse at the walk and trot. Riders will continue to concentrate on the basics of good riding position, basic aides and improved control at the walk and trot, all in preperation for the next step - cantering. Riders can expect to repeat the Advanced Beginner level, possibly several times before they are ready to safely canter. A demonstration day will complete the week.

Novice - This is for the student who has previously enrolled in several camps or has completed 3 months of weekly lessons and are confident and ready to canter. Lessons will focus on increased control, cantering and two point position.

Advanced Novice - For students who have ridden in regular weekly lessons for a full season (10 months) and are cantering. Teaching will focus on strengthening control, balance and positions of the riders, introduce poles and small jumps as well as new stable management skills.

Intermediate - This is for students who have been taking regular weekly lessons for a few seasons. Teaching will be focued on more advanced concepts such as leg yields, shoulder-in and jumping technique.