Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Spring Clean Up

Now that the blankets have been picked up for cleaning, it's time to start cleaning up our stall doors. If your horse has a blanket heavier than a thin rainsheet on his or her door, we will be removing it, bundling it up and labeling it before storing in the upstairs storage room. Please note that blankets that remain up there longer than 5 months, will be donated to our school horses or to those horses in need at one of the rescue barns out in the valley.

On another note, cross-ties should be cleaned up after every use at NSEC. After riding and grooming down, make sure to leave cross-ties swept and tidy as in the picture below:

Even if you didn't make the mess, do your best to make the barn look it's best and others will follow your example. Let's take pride in the barn where our horsie buddies live and help out and clean up the barn so it looks good for the summer season at NSEC!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

NSEC Summer Camps


Don't want to stop riding at the end of June? Looking to up your knowledge on and off the horse?

Have no fear!

NSEC Summer Camps are now available.

Get your registration in before the slots fill up. Current NSEC students will be able to participate in week long, half day summer riding camps aimed towards furthering your current skills and knowledge in our NSEC program.

Camps will be modeled after the Equine Canada level system and may include but is not limited to instruction in:

Level 0/1 -

  • Parts, colors, breeds and mannerisms of the horse
  • Tack and grooming care and importance
  • Arena etiquette and terms
  • Proper tack up and stall safety
  • Proper position at walk and trot
  • Proper halting technique and control over direction
Level 1/2 -
  • An overview of all info covered in Level 0/1 camps PLUS:
  • Proper usage and knowledge of grooming tools and tack
  • Identifying markings and gaits confidently
  • Proper, diet, farrier and vet maintenance for a healthy horse
  • Work on trot, rising trot, trotting without stirrups, jumping position at a trot and overall control
Level 2/3 -
  • An overview of all info covered in Level 1/2 camps PLUS:
  • In dept barn care knowledge including but not limited to - proper stall, bedding, feed and blanketing knowledge
  • Proper farrier care and foot knowledge
  • Proper warm up and cool down practices
  • Position at walk, trot and canter, balance and riding without stirrups
  • Proper lead changes, transitions and control
  • Jumping position and courses
Level 3/4 -
  • An overview of all info covered in Level 2/3 camps PLUS:
  • Equine first aid
  • Proper stabling and feeding habits
  • Proper identification of tack, bits and natural aids when riding
  • Proper position, canter control and jumping
Level 4 -
  • An overview of all info covered in Level 3/4 camp PLUS:
  • Lameness identification, symptoms and treatments
  • Proper upkeep and long term of your horse
  • Proper show etiquette and grooming technique
  • Work on jumping and course

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Last Call for Blankets

Last call for blanket cleaning, I will be calling on Monday for pick up. Get your blankets in this weekend to get them cleaned!