Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Parking at NSEC

Due to the higher volume of longer pickup trucks parking at the barn, quite a few people have been having problems maneuvering in and out of parking spaces in the NSEC parking lot.

We would like to ask that those clients/instructors with trucks park closer to the entrance of the parking lot and further away from the barn to help solve this issue. The parking lot is quite a bit wider nearer the entrance to the lot than it is closer to the barn, leaving far more space in the center of the lot for people to move in and out with their vehicles.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

NEEDED: Volunteers for Therapeutic Riding Program at NSEC

Looking for volunteer Horse Leaders for our Therapeutic Riding Program at NSEC Friday afternoons.

Requirements for a horse leader include being able to:

  • Catch and turn a horse in from their paddock
  • Groom and tack up a horse on your own without any help
  • Lead a horse and follow directions from our therapeutic coach calmly and efficiently 
  • Keep control of their head calmly and effectively while leading
On the job training will be provided by our therapeutic coach and volunteer hours can be used towards resumé-building or high school volunteer credit hours, as well as provide great experience for any university students who may want to enter post-grad degrees in education, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, special education, vet school, kinesiology, or counseling. 

Please contact Megan McDonald at therapeutic@wecreateriders.com if you are interested in volunteering :)

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Fall is Here

Welcome To or Welcome Back to NSEC!

Summer is over and fall lessons have begun! We are excited to jump right back into our weekly lessons and are happy to see so many returning faces as well as so many new faces in our NSEC fall program :)

Looking for information on lessons, please follow this link!

Looking for registration forms, you can find them here!

Need scheduling information or information not covered in the above links, feel free to email me at office@wecreateriders.com

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

55+ Summer Games Aug 27th & 28th

Aug 27th & Aug 28th will be the Equestrian segment of the 55+ Summer Games on the North Shore!

North Shore Equestrian Centre has donated their facility here on the beautiful North Shore for this event and the Games will be running from 9am to 5pm each day.

Participants will be arriving as early as Wednesday afternoon and can claim their parking pass for the neighboring lot at Capilano University, make payments and get any information they need from either Allanda, Brae or the owner of the facility Denise Kinvig.

NSEC camps for the week of Aug 24 will be held from Monday to Thursday only with camps being off property most of the day on Thursday for Trail Day.

The competition ring for Thursday and Friday will be the top outdoor ring and will be set on Wednesday and remain set until Friday evening. The indoor ring will be reserved as the participant warm up ring, where jumps will be removed for Thursday and Friday, however some lessons will be scheduled through Lindsay Toevs for after the competition ends on Thursday and Friday where she may set up jumps and remove them once her lessons are done.

The lower arena will be open to all NSEC boarders during the competition. 

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Summer Trails

Just a reminder that we need to be respectful of our neighbors and make sure to clean up after our horses if we are out on a trail this summer.

It is not acceptable to leave manure in the middle of the road. Let's make sure we always have access to the trails here and clean up!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Update on the 55+ Plus BC Games 2015 North Vancouver.

The Equestrian sport competition in 2015 will include Dressage and Western Dressage equestrian disciplines. 

The Dressage competition will start at 10 am daily, offering each participant the option to ride 2 tests each day. 

Dressage and Western Dressage ride times will be scheduled as follows:  In all levels the Dressage test HCBC Test 2 will be scheduled to be ridden twice on Thursday August 27th starting not before 10:00 am. Day 2 will be scheduled for HCBC Test 3 to be ridden twice on Friday August 28th starting not before 10:00 am. 

Stabling as required, must be confirmed and reserved in advance with Venue Coordinator, Denise Kinvig at denise@wecreateriders.com,  phone 604-987-2028 and paid directly to North Shore Equestrian Center on arrival.

Equestrian Medal ceremonies will be scheduled for Friday, August 28th at 4 pm, and will be presented at the Equestrian Venue. Participants must attend the Medal ceremonies to receive medals with no exceptions.

The tentative Equestrian Sport Ride Schedule is subject to final approval by the 55+ BC Games North Vancouver Organizing Committee. Ride times schedule will be emailed to all participants in advance of the competition and posted on the official websites
Kat Southam is the Dressage Discipline Coordinator responsible for all aspects of the equestrian competition at the 55+ BC Games North Vancouver 2015,  August 26 – 29, 2015.  

The volunteer Equestrian Sport Committee contact information if you have any further questions is as follows:
Discipline Chair - Dressage Coordinator: Kat Southam - katsoutham@gmail.com  - 604-240-5289
Volunteer Coordinator: Diana Wade - diana.ge.wade@gmail.com  - 604-916-7379
Venue Coordinator (Stabling) : Denise Kinvig - denise@wecreateriders.com  - 604-987-2028
Medals and Results Coordinator: Katherine Zavaglia - ridergirl44@hotmail.com  - 604-837-7025
If you know anyone who would be willing to volunteer during the Games please contact Diana Wade

Thursday, 11 June 2015

End of Lessons, Summer Camps & Show

The 2014-2015 season is coming to an end at North Shore Equestrian Centre and we would like to thank everyone for a wonderful year classes. The final day of classes before summer camps will be held on Friday, June 26th 2015. Our schoolies will have a much deserved weekend off then we will open our weekly half-day summer camps starting June 29th. Due to horses being used mainly for our camps, we will likely not be holding any lessons over the summer, so if you would like to continue riding over the summer at NSEC, please email Allanda about one of our summer camps at the NSEC levels and she will find one that is right for you.
Registration for NSEC’s 2015-2016 program opens today. Children registration forms are attached here, and adult registration forms are attached here. Both forms will also be available on the website starting tomorrow. We know many students will be going away for the holidays, so we ask that if you are planning on joining the September season, please return your filled out forms ASAP.

May 2015 invoices are being sent out today, but please note that there will be one final invoice sent out for June 2015 lesson period during the first week of July 2015. If you are going away and would like to settle the bill ahead of time, please email Allanda at: office@wecreateriders.com and she will give you the final owing for June 2015.

Lastly, the NSEC Summer Schooling Show will be held this coming Sunday, June 14th 2015, starting at 9:30am. All regular classes will be cancelled for this day.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Spring Clean Up

Now that the blankets have been picked up for cleaning, it's time to start cleaning up our stall doors. If your horse has a blanket heavier than a thin rainsheet on his or her door, we will be removing it, bundling it up and labeling it before storing in the upstairs storage room. Please note that blankets that remain up there longer than 5 months, will be donated to our school horses or to those horses in need at one of the rescue barns out in the valley.

On another note, cross-ties should be cleaned up after every use at NSEC. After riding and grooming down, make sure to leave cross-ties swept and tidy as in the picture below:

Even if you didn't make the mess, do your best to make the barn look it's best and others will follow your example. Let's take pride in the barn where our horsie buddies live and help out and clean up the barn so it looks good for the summer season at NSEC!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

NSEC Summer Camps


Don't want to stop riding at the end of June? Looking to up your knowledge on and off the horse?

Have no fear!

NSEC Summer Camps are now available.

Get your registration in before the slots fill up. Current NSEC students will be able to participate in week long, half day summer riding camps aimed towards furthering your current skills and knowledge in our NSEC program.

Camps will be modeled after the Equine Canada level system and may include but is not limited to instruction in:

Level 0/1 -

  • Parts, colors, breeds and mannerisms of the horse
  • Tack and grooming care and importance
  • Arena etiquette and terms
  • Proper tack up and stall safety
  • Proper position at walk and trot
  • Proper halting technique and control over direction
Level 1/2 -
  • An overview of all info covered in Level 0/1 camps PLUS:
  • Proper usage and knowledge of grooming tools and tack
  • Identifying markings and gaits confidently
  • Proper, diet, farrier and vet maintenance for a healthy horse
  • Work on trot, rising trot, trotting without stirrups, jumping position at a trot and overall control
Level 2/3 -
  • An overview of all info covered in Level 1/2 camps PLUS:
  • In dept barn care knowledge including but not limited to - proper stall, bedding, feed and blanketing knowledge
  • Proper farrier care and foot knowledge
  • Proper warm up and cool down practices
  • Position at walk, trot and canter, balance and riding without stirrups
  • Proper lead changes, transitions and control
  • Jumping position and courses
Level 3/4 -
  • An overview of all info covered in Level 2/3 camps PLUS:
  • Equine first aid
  • Proper stabling and feeding habits
  • Proper identification of tack, bits and natural aids when riding
  • Proper position, canter control and jumping
Level 4 -
  • An overview of all info covered in Level 3/4 camp PLUS:
  • Lameness identification, symptoms and treatments
  • Proper upkeep and long term of your horse
  • Proper show etiquette and grooming technique
  • Work on jumping and course

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Last Call for Blankets

Last call for blanket cleaning, I will be calling on Monday for pick up. Get your blankets in this weekend to get them cleaned!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Reminder to get your blankets in if you want them to be cleaned!

Old County Laundry needs a certain amount of blankets ready before they come to do a pick up.

In the meantime, Leo is making great use of them ;)

Sunday, 19 April 2015


The sun is shining and days are getting warmer, meaning it is time for the heavy winter blankets to go into storage!

Please limit your blankets to 1 rainsheet, 1 medium weight blanket and 1 cooler on stall doors. Heavy winter blankets must be taken and put away for the season after this week.

If you would like your blankets cleaned, please bundle them up neatly and leave outside the office. Make sure to attach your name written clearly to any blankets, along with your phone number and what services you would like done, such as cleaning, waterproofing, ect.

Please help us keep the aisle ways clean and uncluttered by storing your extra blankets for the during the spring and summer!

Price List for Old Country Laundry:

$5.00 for flysheets, saddle pads, removable quilt neck pieces
$6.00 for sheep skin saddle pads
$9.00 for coolers
$11.00 for regular quilted blankets under size 80
$13.00 for heavy quilted blankets under size 80
$16.00 for blankets size 80 or over or blankets with neck pieces

$10.00 for waterproofing
$5.00 for lofting

Sunday, 12 April 2015

New Footing for the Indoor Arena

From April 22nd-24th the indoor arena at NSEC will be closed in order to have the footing stripped, leveled and new sand added as well as having "Frosting" by Reiten Right installed and mixed into the sand as a superior footing additive. The top outdoor ring will be available during this time for an alternative riding ring.

With this new footing, it will be very important that manure be picked out of the arena ASAP. This means riders that are riding alone or outside a lesson will need to get into the habit of returning to the ring after their ride and picking up any manure left behind. A pick and a wheelbarrow will be available in the corner of the ring for this task.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The 55+ BC Games

The 55+ BC Games will be coming to North Shore Equestrian Centre!

The 55+ BC Games is an annual multisport competition celebrating active, healthy Seniors, 55+.

NSEC will be hosting the equestrian games on Friday and Saturday August 28/29th. Games being held at NSEC will include Dressage, Western Dressage and an Endurance Race (25K approx). 

Be sure to come out and support these active seniors doing what they love!

For more information be sure to check out the Equestrian Page on the 55+ BC Games site.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Summer Camp Helpers

We are looking for enthusiastic students to help with our NSEC summer camps for 2015!

If you are a student at NSEC and are a level 2 or higher and have instructor approval, please sign up to be a summer camp helper on the sign up sheets in the office. Student who help will earn:

  • 1 group lesson credit towards their September 2015-June 2016 lessons at NSEC for each week they help out
  • Your name in the End of Summer prize draw (the winner will receive a gift card to GreenHawk), for each week you help you can enter your name into the draw once
  • An End of Summer helper party in the lounge that will include pizza and pop

Thursday, 26 March 2015

NSEC Summer Classic

Show off what you have learnt this year at our NSEC Summer Classic!

Classes available for all levels and doughnuts and hot dogs for sale in concession.

Parents can come and watch and be part of the fun.

Show forms available here

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

NSEC Summer Camps

Spring has sprung and Summer is not far behind!

That means NSEC summer camps!

NSEC summer camps will start o June 29th this year and run weekly until August 28th.

Early registration will be available to current NSEC students starting next week, while open registration will start on April 1st.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

New Beginner Classes

NSEC is looking to start a few new beginner classes this spring!

The classes will need a minimum of 4 students in each class and can be set as an 8-18 yr old lesson or an adult lesson.

Available spots (depending on if we can get enough students for each class):

Wednesdays at 4:30pm
Fridays at 6:45pm
Saturdays at 2pm or 6pm
Sundays at 1pm or 6pm

Contact me at: allanda@wecreateriders.com for more information and to get on the waitlist for these upcoming spots!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Just a friendly reminder that only BOTTLES, CANS AND JUICE BOXES should be put into the blue recycling boxes around the barn.

Anything that has had food items in it is not recyclable and should be thrown in the garbage or the dumpster outside, not the recycling bins.

Please help make it easier for us to keep NSEC clean and green!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Spring Break

Just a reminder, all lessons run as usual during spring break.

If you are going away for the break make sure to let me know ASAP to reschedule lessons and avoid miss charges.

Email me at allanda@wecreateriders.com

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Borrowing Items

We have had a few complaints lately about stuff going missing from the crossties while people ride and from stall doors.

I would like to remind everyone that if something is not yours, just because it is out doesn't mean you should borrow it for any amount of time.

Make sure to always respect people's property and they will respect yours in turn.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Family Day February 9th

Just a reminder that Family Day, Feb 9th, lessons will be run as usual. If you are going away or have plans for that day, please be sure to let me know at least 2 days in advance.

NSEC Lessons Policies:

Group Lessons: 

If a student cannot make a scheduled lesson, NSEC must be informed 48 hours beforehand by phone or email. Notice must be given to the office, not to the instructor. There will be no charge for the lesson missed, but the student must make up the lesson within 2 months of the lesson they are missing. If a student is unable to make up a lesson within the 2 month period, a fee of half the group lesson rate will be applied to the student's account, also know as a "miss" charge.

The only exception to this rule will be for Stable Management classes, which must be made up during the same Stable Management week as the lesson they are missing. If they are unable to make up the Stable Management lesson during the same week, a miss charge will be applied to the student's account.

Private Lessons & Semi-Private Lessons:

If a student cannot make a scheduled lesson for any reason, NSEC  must be informed 24 hours beforehand by phone or email and no charge will be made to the students account.

If a student cannot give NSEC 24 hours notice for any reason, including illness or injury, a miss charge of the full lesson fee will be applied to their account

Please note: All lessons run as usual on all holidays EXCEPT Christmas day, Boxing day & New Years day. If you are not at your regular lesson during a holiday and have not given us the required notice as stated above a miss charge will be applied to your account.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

No Cats in the Office

Leo is no longer allowed in the NSEC office. He gets stuck in there and has nowhere to go the washroom :(

If you see Leo in the office, please shoo him out.