Monday, 29 September 2014

Where's Leo?

The first correct answer in the comments section will win an original NSEC lapel pin. Remember to include your name in the comments section!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Lower Arena

We have had GT textile footing added to the lower ring this past Friday afternoon.  This footing will bind the sand, provide a better riding surface, cushioning and also prevent it from packing hard.  

Due to this new footing, we now need to really look after the rings better in terms of manure management. Our staff cleans the rings each morning but by that time much of the manure has been trampled into the footing and cannot be recovered. Manure left in the footing causes the sand to pack hard and it is also the biggest cause of dust (full of pathogens). Instructors & helpers will be picking the manure up during lessons and we would like to ask that riders pick up any manure from their horse in the rings after their rides.

Hoof picks have been placed in the lower arena to clean out your horse's hooves at the end of your ride before you leave. This must be done after every ride to prevent the the new footing from becoming depleted prematurely.

We would also like to ask that horses not be allowed to dig any holes in the lower arena.

Thank you for your cooperation :)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Where's Leo?

The first correct answer in the comments section will win an original NSEC lapel pin. Remember to include your name in the comments section!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Riding Off Property

Due to complaints about people riding their horses in the suburban areas outside NSEC and riders not cleaning up after their horses, we will not be asking that NSEC riders limit themselves to trails and parks only, when riding off property.


We want to make it clear that it is not appropriate to ride on the sidewalk through neighborhoods if you are not going to be able to remove manure properly. You cannot kick manure off the sidewalk and into the street in these areas, nor can you kick it into the bush or onto any grass area as these are usually private property and so we should stay clear of these areas when riding outside the barn.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Welcome to NSEC!

Hello and Welcome (or welcome back) to North Shore Equestrian Centre!

We'd like to take this opportunity to inform you of some of our policies and safety rules here at our riding facility. 


Lessons start Sept 2nd 2014.

Lessons are once a week from September to June. You should come early to allow yourself lots of time to groom and tack your horse (15 to 30 minutes is usually lots of time) so that you are in the ring on time for your lesson. Your lesson time is the time that you need to be in the ring and ready to go. 

We will have helpers around for the more beginner classes as well as Allanda in the office Sundays thru Thursdays, so if you are having any troubles or are unsure of something, please don't hesitate to ask. We are all very friendly here and are happy to help.  

Bridles (the hardest part): If for some reason you cannot find someone and you are unable to bridle your horse, don't panic. Please halter your pony and bring him to the ring with your bridle and your instructor will help you with this tricky task. 

Lessons last 45 minutes and the students will need to untack their horse and groom them before leaving. Tack and brushes must be returned to the tack room and cleaned before putting them away neatly. Crossties used must be swept out and left clean, manure (poop) goes in the black garbage can in the crossties. Please double check that a halter or lead rope hasn't been left in the horse's stall, as this can be very dangerous for the horse if he gets tangled up in it. 


No more than 2 people in a stall at a time please. We don't want to overcrowd our ponies and make them confused. 

Only ever enter a stall if it is your lesson time and you are entering the stall of the horse you are riding to tack him up. Otherwise please allow our horses some much deserved relaxation time during their breaks. 

Make Up Lessons and Missed Lesson Policy 

If a student cannot make a scheduled lesson, NSEC must be informed 48 hours beforehand by phone or by email. There will be no charge for the lesson missed, but the student must make up this lesson within 2 months of the lesson they are rescheduling, or there will be a miss charge of half the lesson cost. 

The only exception to this rule will be for stable management classes, which must be made up during the same stable management week as the lesson they are rescheduling. If a student is unable to make up the lesson they have rescheduled within the 2 month period, a fee of half the group lesson rate will be applied to the student’s account for that lesson, also known as a “miss charge”.  

For privates and semi-privates, 24 hrs notice must be given to NSEC if you cannot make a clss or there will be a full charge applied to your account for the missed lesson.


If for some reason you cannot continue with the lessons, we ask for 2 weeks notice. 


We operate on all holidays EXCEPT for Labour Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. 

Office Hours
Sundays - Thursdays 8am-4pm

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Otherwise everyone have a wonderful year of riding!