Saturday, 21 June 2014

Where's Leo?

The first person to correctly tell me Where Leo is in the comments wins a original NSEC lapel pin.

Remember, your answer must be in the BLOG comments, and you must include your NAME!

Where's Leo?

Friday, 20 June 2014

Helpers Needed for NSEC Summer Camps!

We need more helpers to help new students learn and continue their journey in the horseback riding world at NSEC!

Helpers should be ages 13 and up, level 3 or higher and be a current student of NSEC, however these rules can be waived if you get approval from both your instructor and myself.

Helpers work Mondays-Fridays, arrive at 9am and leave at 4pm with a break for lunch inbetween as well as cookies and a juice box each day.

Duties include: helping the instructor supervise children as they tack up, leading beginner riders in the ring and on trail day, grooming school horses and bathing them on sunny days, keeping the tack room clean and cleaning the crossties after every camp.

This year we have decided that volunteer hours can be used towards some extra lessons in the fall. For every week that you help out, I will give you a credit to use towards an extra group lesson during the year.

At the end of the summer during the last weekend of August, NSEC will host a pizza party to show our appreciation for all the summer helpers and a draw for a $50.00 gift card to Greenhawk will be held. For each week you help out your name will be entered into the draw, giving you more chances to win.

If you would like to sign up as a helper for summer camps, please email me your availability ASAP at

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Fall Registration

Fall Registration forms have been emailed out to all current students at North Shore Equestrian Centre.

General registration will be posted on the website on Tuesday, June 24th.

Make sure to get in your registration forms ASAP so that I can start working on the fall schedule!

Friday, 13 June 2014

September 2014 Registration

Lessons are coming to an end for this season rather quickly. The last day of lessons will be Friday, June 27th.

Registration for September 2014 will be emailed out on Tuesday, June 17th to all students at NSEC. To ensure you get priority scheduling make sure to have your registration forms back to me ASAP. I will start putting the schedule together in July.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Summer & Summer Camps

Now that the last show of the season is over and summer is quickly coming upon us, don't forget to sign up for NSEC advanced summer camps!

The last lesson of the season will fall on Friday, June 27th. Then summer camps start June 30th and run straight through to August 29th!

If you would like to continue riding this summer, our NSEC summer camps for advanced students is the best way to do this, as lessons will be on hold from June 28th to September 2nd. It is best to act fast, spots do fill up quickly!

Each day of camp riders will get 1 hr and 30 mins of ride time which will include 15-20 mins of warm up, 45-60 mins to work on their skills and advance their riding further and 15-20 mins of cool down.

Another 1 hr and 30 mins will be dedicated to precise grooming regiments, proper tack up techniques, and continuing their learning of proper horse care, straining, safety and first aid.

Some of the skills that will be worked on will include:

Level 0/1:
1)   Cleaning & proper care and storage of tack
2)   Review safety, rules, proper horse identification and knots
4)   Students should be able to properly identify the different colors of horses
5)   Perfect tacking up and leading

Level 1/2:
1)   Proper brush techniques & cleaning
2)   Learn the different feeds that can be fed to horses and why certain feeds are used in certain situations
3)  Hoof conditions & treatments
4)   How to un-assemble & reassemble tack

Level 2/3:
1)   Blanketing & what blankets are used for what reasons
2)   Important riding procedures such as cooling and the reasons for them
3)   Proper grooming for shows and proper care of the mane and tail
4)   Bit identification and the purposes for each

Level 3/4:
1)   Clipping, mane pulling and braiding
2)   First aid techniques including taking temperature, pulse & respiratory rate 
3)   Identifying emergencies, their treatment & care
4)   Proper lunging and exercise techniques

Level 4/5:
1)   Showing expectations
2)   Proper wrapping and banadaging
3)   Skin conditions & treatments
4)   Teeth upkeep and proper care

Available NSEC Level Camps:

Level 0/1 -
June 30th-July 4th in the afternoon
Aug 5th-8th in the morning

Level 1/2 -
July 7th-11th in the morning
July 28th-Aug 1st in the morning
Aug 11th-15th in the morning

Level 2/3 -
July 7th-11th in the afternoon
July 21-25 in the morning

Level 3/4 -
July 14th-18th in the morning
Aug 5th-8th in the afternoon
Aug 18th-22nd in the morning
Aug 25th-29th in the afternoon

Level 4/5 -
July 28th-Aug 1st in the afternoon

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Show, Stable Management & End of Season BBQ!

Another beautiful day at NSEC!

All the forms are in for the show on Sunday and we are starting to prepare. It will be a fun one :)

Reminder that all lessons are cancelled on June 8th and that June 9th-15th will be stable management week, so no make ups will be scheduled for that week.

We will be hosting a BBQ at the barn on June 28th. I will be away that weekend, but Laura hopes everyone can make it!