Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Summer Camps and Sunny Days at NSEC!

Well it's been a very fast and very busy start to the summer at NSEC.

We started our annual summer camps last week and Mr. Snowflake has been taken home to participate in his own summer work. I am happy to say that summer camps are almost full already for the entire summer and I'm sure we will be welcoming many new riders to NSEC come September.

Show season is upon us as well! We have exciting updates from the most recent Hunter/Jumper show last week and of course our lovely Dressage team is going to lots of shows as well, so make sure to stay tuned for updates!

From July 16-30th there will be no updates to the blog as I will be away in California for 2 weeks! I am very excited, but not sure what I will do without seeing all my horsie buddies for so long. During this time Pedro's owner, Brooke, will be house sitting for me and looking after emergencies at the barn. I'm not sure what I'd do without her!

Breezy is on the mend and has moved back over to the school side. Because he hasn't been in work for so long he has lost some muscle and looks a little skinny, but we will be getting him back up to working condition bit by bit! We hope to have him participating in a few summer camps and back to lessons in September.

We have also welcomed a few new boarders recently and look forward to a few more in the following weeks, so watch for those new faces at NSEC!

A friendly reminder that with the sunny weather, trail riding becomes almost required of most riders here. If you do go on a trail though please keep in mind that all trails are multi-use trails and we must be respectful of this. Do not go galloping around corners where no one can see if you are coming, do not use the soccer fields as gazing grounds and remember to clean up after your horse on the trail! We want to keep using these trails for years to come, it would be a shame if we were banned for not looking after them properly.

So here is to beautiful sunny weather and happy trails, fun summer camps and new faces around the barn! Lets have a wonderful summer at NSEC!