Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Little History

I received a card today that I wanted to share with everyone. This is from Kinaz's old owner, who would come and visit Kinaz on a regular basis to let him know that she would never forget about him. The card asks to thank EVERYONE at NSEC for all the love and care they gave Kinaz on a daily basis.

It was pretty amazing and endearing to read about all the places old Kinaz had been and all the things he got to do before he came to NSEC. He was a well traveled old boy with lots of history behind him! Thank you for sharing this with us Janine!

In Loving Memory: Kinaz

Today we are sad to announce the passing of one of our oldest and dearest, Kinaz.

Kinaz has been a longtime part of the NSEC and a key player for introducing many of our students young and old to a love of riding.

At the age of 32, Kinaz has proven himself over and over as a priceless school horse, but after many declining health issues (as is expected at such an old horsey age) we now have to say goodbye.

Kinaz will be missed by everyone at North Shore Equestrian Centre.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

NSEC Dressage Team

Kat Southam and NSEC would like to extend a huge congratulations to Andrea Zaradic and her horse Midnite on a stellar performance at the Southlands Dogwood show this past Sunday. In their first test they scored for 6th place and in their second test they scooped 2nd place!

Also, Sandy Borek was a star groom and her mare Extravagant had a great first experience off the property. Kat is looking forward to riding Extravagant in competitions through the summer. Looking forward to more exciting show updates from the NSEC Dressage Team.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

NSEC Summer Classic Schooling Show - CANCELLED

Cancelled :(

Lessons will go on as usual on Saturday June 15th, which will mark the first day of Stable Management and testing.

Friday, 10 May 2013

A Few Updates

Little Miss Penny will be heading on a little vacation to take a break from work and keep another horse company at a backyard barn tomorrow. She will be back soon though, so no worries!

Kinaz at the age of 32 yrs old is in semi-retirement here at NSEC. We have pulled him from the school horse field and he now shares a paddock with one of our older boardered horses during the day where he gets to relax and enjoy his final days with us at NSEC, coming up only for the therapeutic riding on Fridays.

Breezy is still on stall rest and may be for a bit longer yet.

The weather has been gorgeous lately and many people have been heading out on the trails to enjoy that early summer sunshine. We encourage everyone to remember that these are multi-use trails and that we MUST clean up after ourselves if we want to continue to have the privilege of using the Inter-River Park and Baden Powell trails.

Finally, with summer sneaking up on us rather quickly we would like to know if there is enough interest to have a year end show in June at NSEC. Please let me know ASAP by way of email at: !