Friday, 30 November 2012

Last Chance on NSEC Jackets

This is one last reminder to order your NSEC jackets.

Laura will be putting the order in for December 3rd. So if you haven't ordered, please contact her ASAP at and if you have ordered but haven't paid please bring a cheque made out to Laura Kinvig or cash by December 3rd.

The final price of the NSEC jackets will be $140.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Yup, horses get them too.

As some students may have noticed, Jerico has broken out in hives. This is an allergic reaction and unfortunately since Mr Jerico cannot talk we will probably never find out what he has reacted to.

Hives in horses can come in all sizes, for Jerico, his started small (tiny little bumps along his girth line) then ballooned to giant bumps (almost as big as small plates ). They are treated with a course of antihistamines and anti-inflammatories.

I would like to take this opportunely though, to stress the fact that the only acceptable treats at the barn are apples, carrots and certified horse cookies. Lately we have found some strange things in horses stalls, including a giant clump of dates.

Logically you would think that if a horse is not supposed to eat something, they won't. But some of horses are not so picky and will eat anything offered to them. Jerico is one of these horses. If someone offered him a strange treat and he ate it, it could have caused the allergic reaction for him.

So please remember that the only treats you should be feeding our horses are carrots and apples and horse cookies.

Also  be sure that you DO NOT feed boarder horses any treats unless you have permission from the owner as they might be on a special diet.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Where's Leo?

Time for Where's Leo?

Can you guess where Leo is?
First correct guess in the blog comments receives an original NSEC lapel pin! Make sure to add your name to your comment or it won't count.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Updates! Updates! Updates!

The Office!

As many people have noticed, I have been kicked out of my office due to construction/renovations. Although I am very happy about getting a BRAND SPANKING NEW office and furniture and pretty walls, make no mistake; I am not very happy about being relocated to the lounge.

Don't get me wrong, the lounge is absolutely wonderful, but it is not an office :/

I am constantly running up and down stairs (great exercise though) and only have limited internet access and can only take payments at certain times and it's very scattered.

At this time, there is no ETA on when the office will be finished, but lets all cross our fingers that it will be soon and I can be a much happier and more organized office manager.

My Temporary (and somewhat messy) office area in the lounge :p Please DO NOT attempt to use my computer, it has no internet access!


We have one new schoolie named Giddian and 2 others, Zeta and Angel on trial for a month. They are all very cute and seem very nice. Giddian does seem a little confused by cross-ties though and is in training for using them. He is being tacked up in his stall for now and even then, must be tied very loosely so he doesn't feel trapped.

An Extra!

Here is a link to an article found by one of the instructors, Kat Southam, that she feels everyone should read! Enjoy!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

NSEC Jackets, Shirts & Saddle Pads

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for your little rider?

How about some NSEC Apparel?

Currently we have NSEC Polo Shirts (Must be washed in COLD water and HANGED DRY):

Shirts are $40.00
And NSEC Saddle Pads:

Saddle Pads are $65.00
Arrangements for viewing and trying on shirts can be made by contacting Laura at . All payments should be made by cash or cheque directly to Laura Kinvig.

In addition to these we will be ordering BLACK jackets with our Logo on them. They will need to be pre-ordered (so you will be unable to view them or try them on) and will be approx. $130.00. If you are interested in ordering an NSEC jacket, please contact Laura at

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Many students have noticed Breezy's swollen eye over the past day and a half.

On Friday a student had noticed Breezy had a very deep gash over his right eye and when inspected, it was decided he needed stitches. The vet was called and Breezy was very brave as his gash was cleaned  and frozen so that the vet could put in 2 stitches and a bunch of staples. He is currently on antibiotics to help prevent infection and bute to help take down the swelling.

Once all the swelling has gone down he will be able to go back to work and be used in lessons again, even with stitches.

We're not sure where or how Breezy was injured, but we can only assume he got into a scuffle in the field on the day it happened as we noticed right after he came in from his morning turn out.

Lets all wish Breezy a fast recovery!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

NSEC 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest Winner IS...

Pumpkin #5 Carved by Sierra King!

Sierra will be receiving a brand new groom kit from Greenhawk as well as a Horsecare for Kids!

Congratulations Sierra!

Thank you to everyone who entered and made it a fun and festive Halloween!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Contest Winner

Due to construction and first of the month paperwork I am behind in the blog posts :(

I will post a photo of the winning Pumpkin tomorrow morning, as well as a photo of all the pumpkins that were entered this year.

Stayed tuned!